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April 3, 2017 1:40 pm  

First of all, I, ej3ct, would like to say I'm sorry for lack of activities from my end, but real life and personal issues have been taking all my time, even tho I still monitor the server from the side, just in case, it needs rebooting or bug fixes.

And now a more serious topic;

After a time with more activity, we have upgraded our server spec's, but as it seems right now, we are unable to downgrade the spec's before our payment have been made, for the new period (4-4 until 4-5).

We are currently $21,81 USD behind what we need for the payment tomorrow. Right now, I'm making a backup of all our data, just in case, we need to end our current server renting period, and start on a new with lower spec's.

Also it could be possible to find a private host with a nice server spec, the down side would be higher latency for people outside of Europe, therefor I hope any of you guys would like to continue supporting our project.

The server and all the data is still intact, and no matter what, it will be back!

Yours sincerely, ej3ct^

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