Minecraft Alpha Server

I’v come to a point, where I would like to pickup my old Minecraft Project again!

After digging for the files/codes and more of the old server, I’v managed to put together most of the stuff, that I was working on, back when the server was running version 1.12.1!
Alot of stuff have changed, some plugins and scripts/codes are no longer supported and need to be rewritten.
I hope to be able to create something very close to what the old server was.

Some of the Premium Plugins I purchased is no longer working, some of them are, and are already running on the current server.

I really hope people want to support this project, either by helping testing the server, helping developing script/plugin/content, or maybe even considering donating for premium plugins/content or just to help keep the server up and running by contributing to the servers payments.

Best Regards

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