An Instance is a type of dungeon in which a specific copy (“instance”) is created for each individual party attempting to enter. As such, the server requires a small time period to create the instance, and it can only be used until a certain time limit before it is destroyed. Therefore, each party has the instance to themselves.


  • They involve one-way (no going backwards) progressions in an NPC-narrated quest.
  • They require players to be in a Party, and are “created” uniquely for each party. One party (its members) cannot enter the instance of another party.
  • They have time limits in which the quest progression must be completed. If the quest is not completed, the instance will be destroyed, and players sent back to their Save Points.
  • They (may) have cooldown periods, where a player must wait after the time period ends before creating/entering a new instance.
  • They do not allow the skill Teleport (or Fly Wings), and send the player back to their Save Point upon logging out in them.
  • They may restrict certain other skills depending on the instance.
  • They are restricted to characters of certain Base Levels.
  • The players can not reenter the instance if the players happen to exit the instance before the instance is done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn).


Instance Name Level Party Cooldown Boss(es) Noteworthy Features
Hazy Forest 99 1+ 1.5 Hours Wandering Purple Dragon Entrance Quest for MoraMora Daily Quests,  Old Card Album.
Orc Memory 30 ~ 80 1+ 2 Hours Orc Hero Private summoning of Orc Hero.
Octopus Cave 1+ 3 Hours Giant Octopus  High Weapon Box, & Various Coin Bags.
Malangdo Culvert 99? & 140 1+ 1 Hour Dark or Weird Coelacanth
Mutant or Violent Coelacanths
 Seagod’s Angers,  High Weapon Box, & Various Coin Bags.
Sealed Shrine 75 2+ 12 Hours Unsealed Baphomet Create  Giant Magestic Goat.
VIP Summoner 70 1+ 6 Hours Various VIP Only. Summon a private MVP.


Instance Name Level Party Cooldown Boss(es) Noteworthy Features
Airship Raid 125 1 23 Hours Captain Felrock  Ferlock’s Armor,  Ferlock’s Cloak [1], &  Ferlock’s Boots.
Buwaya’s Cave 130 1+ 23 Hours Buwaya Materials to create  Buwaya Agimat Tattoo.
Central Laboratory 140 1+ 23 Hours Various Summons 3 random MVPs to fight.
Charleston Crisis 130 1+ 23 Hours Charleston 3 Gives materials to buy and enchant gear sets for Mechanics.
Devil’s Tower 130 1+ 23 Hours Evil Fanatic Various enchanted Evil Slayer weapons.
Faceworm Nest 140 1+ 23 Hours Faceworm Queen  Mystical Card Album & Giant Faceworm Snake Skin or  Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1].
Geffen Magic Tournament 90 1 23 Hours Fenris Fenrir Various Equipment.
Ghost Palace 120 1 23 Hours Torturous Redeemer Thanatos weapons and Gray Equipment Set.
Horror Toy Factory 140 1+ 23 Hours Celine Kimi  Mystical Card Album,  Old Card Album, & Various equipment.
Isle of Bios 160 1+ 23 Hours Reaper Yanku  Prizes of Hero,  Token of Hero (used for Hero Ring Enchants).
The Last Room 150 1+ 23 Hours T_W_O  ?
Morse’s Cave 160 1+ 23 Hours Morocc Necromancer  Prizes of Hero,  Token of Hero (used for Hero Ring Enchants).
Nightmarish Jitterbug 120 1+ 23 Hours Awakened Ferre Various equipment and items.
Old Glast Heim 130 1+ 23 Hours Corruption Root
 Old Card AlbumTemporal Boots Enchants.
Sara’s Memory 99 1+ 20 Hours Doyen Irene EXP, +3~+7 Stat Foods.
Temple of Demon God 160 1+ 23 Hours Morocc The Desperate God Squad Prizes.
Wave Mode  ?? 1+ 23 Hours None
Room of Consciousness 100 1 23 Hours Bijou  Honor Token,  Old Card Album
Heart Hunter War Base 2 100 1+ 23 Hours Heart Hunter Ebel
Werner Laboratory Central Room 100 1+ 23 Hours Pet Child

3 Days

Instance Name Level Party Cooldown Boss(es) Noteworthy Features
Nidhoggur’s Nest 70 2+ 3 Days Nidhoggur’s Shadow Nidhoggur’s Shadow Garb.
Wolfchev’s Laboratory  ?? 1+ 3 Days 2-1 & 2-2 Biolab MVPs MVP Loots and various gears and items.
Sky Fortress 145 1+ 3 Days Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Vicious Mind WeaponSunflower Boy,  Lindy Hop, and Juliette D Rachel


Instance Name Level Party Cooldown Boss(es) Noteworthy Features
Bakonawa Extermination 140 1+ 7 Days Bakonawa Materials to create Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo.
Bangungot’s Instance 100 1+ 7 Days Bangungot Materials to create  Bangungot Agimat Tattoo.
Endless Tower 70 2+ 7 Days Many Many MVPs and monsters.
Sarah and Fenrir 140 1+ 7 Days Sarah Irene  Shard of Gigantes.