No Death & No Level Penalty

Until 23/05/19, a protective veil will help adventurers and cancel the experience penalty resulting of an unfortunate death.
In addition, the experience penalty depending on the monster level and your character level has been removed. You will earn 100% experience from all monsters, even if their level is above yours from more than 15 levels or inferior from more than 5 levels.
You will still have the experience bonus if the monster has 3 to 15 more levels than your character.

Don’t you think it is time to take some risks?

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رمضان مبارك (Ramadan Moubarak!)

Celebrate Ramadan with Ragnarök!
From Thursday, 9 May and for a one month duration, the team Ragnarök Online makes you rediscover the world of the Arabian Nights!
Embark on an adventure through an exclusive quest and come to the aid of Aladdin who has lost his magic lamp!

If you help Aladdin, Genie will be grateful and will reward you generously! guide

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Egg Festival

A long time ago, the Magic University of Yuno used magic to produce Happy Eggs massively.
However, during their experimentations, they did a lot of harm to the pets.
The Yuno students couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to rescue the pets.
In their honor, a Festival has been created and is held every year.

Meet the Festival Master in Yuno to learn more about this story and talk to the other members to participate.
In exchange for your help, they will give you Clover Tickets which can be traded at the Vending Machine for Q-Pet taming items and Chocolate Eggs.

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Protovich’s Spirit Extractor

Professor Protovich is back! It has been months since the last time we saw him! The last tests he performed ended up quite bad, explaining why he hid himself to work on some fixes for his Spirit Extractor.

The small issues which used to make the machine a little unstable seem to have been fixed and the kinetic energy overload risks no longer exist.

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Dungeon Explorer – Spring Spotlight Kunlun

Kunlun – Spring is coming!

The calendrical spring starts soon and Rascel and I are on the way
to one of our favourite spring spots – Kunlun!

You may remember this place from last year’s Dungeon Explorer in March,
but don’t worry we still have enough Feelers left.
This time we want something special~

Did you know that the peach is a symbol of spring in Korea?
And that’s not everything. It also symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and longevity.
It is a true good luck charm in form of a fruit.

So it’s a perfect gift for your beloved Community Helpers, isn’t it? ;D

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Saint Patricks Day 2019

14 Mar. 2019 – 28 Mar. 2019

It’s the time of the year again that celebrates one of the most well known saints, Saint Patrick!

Around Saint Patrick’s Day crazy things can happen! Meet Pádraig o’ Naofa in Prontera and listen to his tale of the Leprechauns pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Maybe there is a possibility to gain some nice rewards if you put enough “work” into it….

Also, the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrates the color green, and so are we! Near the fountain in Prontera you can find the Saint Patrick Helper which will change your hair color to green, free of charge! Celebrate the color green with us and change your hair color!

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