Discord QR Code!

Hey there @everyone, we just wanted to do our part in keeping your Discord accounts safe and secure with this friendly notice.

Discord recently introduced logging in via QR code, which is pretty useful when the desktop version of the program decides to log you out. However, as you may (or may not) have noticed, a small exploit exists, which is why we are providing you all with this notice.

We strongly suggest that you NEVER scan a QR code for Discord-related gifts or prizes, including Nitro giveaways, through the Discord mobile app, this is a big no-no. You are NOT redeeming a “prize”, if you do this, what you’re doing instead is giving someone FULL access to your account, regardless of 2FA. Please be very cautious about this.

If you see someone posting a QR code in our community discord (or any other discord) please REPORT IT. If you want to be the hero the world deserves, be sure to spread the word to everyone you know who uses Discord, that is all!

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