Episode 15.2 – Rebellion and Equipment!

The expedition to Phantasmagorika have expanded the investigation area. You can now speak with Ian Artnard to continue your exploration.

With the Episode 15.2, the following content has been added:
– End of the quest “To Phantasmagorika”
– 2 additionnal Verus maps
– New Verus daily quests
– Central Laboratory Memorial Dungeon
– Last Room Memorial Dungeon
– Excellion Equipment creation/enchantment

A suspicious man is wandering in Morroc Field 12.Meet him to start the Rebellion Quest and transcend the Gunslingers limits.

– Rebellion Quest Added
– Rebellion Equipment Vending Machines available at prontera (around 90 ,210)

Crimson Weapon can now be obtained on their specific monsters (list to come)

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