BUYIT: Random Costume Boxes

From now until 08/04/19 at 10:00 AM, the Random Costume Boxes are back at the “BuyIt” NPC. Please find the price list below:

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  • Fashion Costume Box1: 100Krts
  • Fashion Costume Box2: 100Krts
  • Fashion Costume Box3: 100Krts
  • Fashion Costume Box4: 100Krts
  • Elven Fashion Box: 200Krts
  • Strongman Costume Box: 200Krts
  • Food Costume Box: 200Krts
  • Costume Collection: 100Krts
  • Costama Xmas Party: 175Krts
  • GirlsSelection Egg: 200Krts
  • BoysSelection Egg: 200Krts
  • Costama Spring Party: 200Krts
  • Costama Holy Darkness: 200Krts
  • Summer Bride Box: 200Krts
  • Costama Horror: 200Krts
  • Toybox Scroll: 100Krts
  • Frozen Scroll: 100Krts
  • Costama Helm: 200Krts
  • Costama GirlsSelection2: 200Krts
  • Costama Flower Garden: 200Krts
  • Costama Partners: 250Krts
  • Costama Wing: 250Krts
  • Costama Seaside: 250Krts
  • Costama Monsters: 250Krts
  • Costama HalloweenII: 250Krts
  • Costama Animals: 250Krts
  • Costama Mystic: 250Krts
  • Costama Frozen II: 250Krts
  • C Girls Selection III: 250Krts
  • Costama Animals II: 250Krts
  • Costama School: 250Krts
  • Costama Monsters II: 250Krts
  • Costama Cyber: 250Krts
  • Costama Seaside: II: 250Krts
  • 2016Costume Hait Collection 1: 200Krts
  • 2016Costume Hait Collection 2: 200Krts
  • Costama Wing II: 200Krts
  • Costama SteamPunk: 200Krts
  • Costama Holy Darkness II: 200Krts
  • Costama Characters: 200Krts
  • Costama New Year II: 200Krts
  • Costama Gothic II: 200Krts
  • Costama FlowerGarden II: 200Krts
  • Costama Animals III: 200Krts
  • Costama GirlsSelectionIV: 200Krts
  • Costama Monsters III: 200Krts

Thank you for your support and have fun!

List of Costume Boxes

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