Protovich’s Spirit Extractor

Professor Protovich is back! It has been months since the last time we saw him! The last tests he performed ended up quite bad, explaining why he hid himself to work on some fixes for his Spirit Extractor.

The small issues which used to make the machine a little unstable seem to have been fixed and the kinetic energy overload risks no longer exist.

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But he is sure that monsters involved in the tests were responsible for the issues he encountered… As a result, he wants to perform further tests on very specific races of monsters: Holden, Metaling, Dark Priest, Wraith, Antler Scaraba, Rake Horn Scaraba, Explorer Robot, Repair Robot

He travelled to places known for hosting a high number of these creatures, Einbroch Field 06, Glast Heim Churchyard, Scaraba Hall, Verus Center Square asking adventurers to collect hundreds of monsters souls he will shape into sheer experience.

Subsequently, people who would like to help him deeper should bring their Protovich Band: as an official assistant of the Professor, he will let you use his machine 10% more efficiently for each refine level. They will even be able to experiment the new Spirit Extractor fusion feature, allowing the Base and Job Experience to be fully focused on either Base or Job Experience.

Caution: Abuse of spirits may cause damage.

Enjoy responsibly.

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