Dungeon Explorer – Spring Spotlight Kunlun

Kunlun – Spring is coming!

The calendrical spring starts soon and Rascel and I are on the way
to one of our favourite spring spots – Kunlun!

You may remember this place from last year’s Dungeon Explorer in March,
but don’t worry we still have enough Feelers left.
This time we want something special~

Did you know that the peach is a symbol of spring in Korea?
And that’s not everything. It also symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and longevity.
It is a true good luck charm in form of a fruit.

So it’s a perfect gift for your beloved Community Helpers, isn’t it? ;D

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During 18th March to 31th April you have the chance to win Angeling Coins.
Bring us 300 Solid Peach for one Angeling Coin – How much you earn is up to you!
(e.g, 300 Solid Peach – 1 coin, 600 Solid Peach – 2 coin etc…)

Solid Peach can be obtained by killing Enchanted Peach tree on gon_dun01 and gon_dun02

On 31th March you can trade in your Solid Peach
for coins at 3:30 pm in the CH-House – please be on time.
Please note; you have to open a trade with CH Byakka or CH Rascel to obtain the Angeling Coins.

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