EVENT: It’s cooking time!

From today, meet up “Chef Usta” at Prontera, in exchange of ingredients he will cook you something nice and usefull for your stats!

There will be something for everyone : Fruit Salad, Shepherd Salad, Yogurt, Sushu Kebab and Biscuit dessert!

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Easy Recipes (Usable at Lvl 20+):
Fruit Salad: 1 Melon, 1 Coconut Fruit, 10 Coconut, 2 Strawberry
Effect: Max Sp +10% for 3 minutes, -10% sp consumption when you cast skills

Shepherd Salad: 5 Aloe Leaflet, 5 Hinalle Leaflet, 10 Carrot
Effect: Increases the effect of potions and received heals by 20% for 3 minutes, recovers HP and counteracts poison

Medium Recipe (Usable at Lvl 30+):
Yogurt: 10 Milk, 1 Red Prickly Fruit, 3 Prickly Fruit
Effect: Max Sp +5% for 3 minutes, SP-Recovery +10%, Recover SP for a certain amount

Hard Recipe (Usable at Lvl 40+):
Sushi Kebab: 5 Rotten Meat, 10 Spicy Sauce, 5 Blue Herb
Effect: Recover 4% Max. HP every 4 seconds for the duration of 1 minute, Recover a certain amount HP and counteracts poison

Exquisite Recipe (no lvl requirement):
Biscuit Dessert: Any kind of 3 Biscuit Sticks, 10 Milk, 5 Cacao
Effect: Recover HP and SP and Bonus EXP 100% for 30 minutes

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