Ambernite 01/03/2019

On March the 1st 2019, from 8pm to 10pm, the following items will be available in the snail game:

Top Reward
Black Devil Mask [1](x1)

Other Rewards
Black Devil Mask (x1)
+8 Armor Refine Deed (x1)
+8 Weapon Refine Deed (x1)
Bloody Branch (x3)
Malicious Armor Shadow (x1)
Malicious Shoes Shadow (x1)
Malicious Shield Shadow (x1)

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1 thought on “Ambernite 01/03/2019”

  1. Malicious Shadow Armor
    MaxHP +100.
    Refined to +7 or more, MaxHP +1%.

    Malicious Shadow Shield
    Natural HP recovery +5%.
    Refined to +7 or more, additional natural HP recovery +5%.

    Malicious Shadow Shoes
    MaxHP +1%.
    Refined to +7 or more, additional MaxHP +1%.

    When equipped with Malicious Shadow Set (shield, armor, shoes):
    Has a 4% chance to absorb 2% of physical damage dealt as HP.
    For every 5 refine levels of the item set, additional 1% of the damage is absorbed into HP.

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